Most shoppers leave your store and never come back...

Let's Change that.
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Engage Your Users With Your Brand

Bring Your Shoppers Back Before They Leave.

We'll detect when a user is leaving your store and present them with your Lotto. The engaging  & on-brand experience grabs their attention. They can't help but participate, significantly reducing cart abandonment

Drive Revenue, Not Just Leads

Don't Just Get Their Emails. Get The Sale.

LottoLeads creates an engaging experience that draws your visitors back into your Shopping experience. By interrupting the abandonment flow, engaging your users and providing  a coupon... We turn abandons into aband-wins

Meet Your Users Where They Shop

79% Of Online Shopping Is Done On Mobile Devices.

Leave no sale behind. Creating an amazing mobile experience that matches your brand and drives revenue should be second nature. We make that possible no matter what device your shoppers are using

Understand Your Metrics Without Third Parties

Know Exactly How Your Popups Are Performing.

It shouldn't take a data scientist to understand if your popups are performing and driving revenue. We give you a simple breakdown of how your Lotto is performing directly on the home page of your dashboard.

Our Integrations

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